Natural stone is a durable material, however, during operation (contact with acid and alkaline environments) and under the influence of the environment (precipitation, toxic emissions, etc.), it ages and deteriorates over time. Proper stone care avoids more complex and laborious processes for its restoration. The specialists of our company in their work use only the best tools for the protection, care and restoration of natural stone - funds from AKEMI (Germany) and BELLINZONI (Italy). In most cases, they are very easy to use - these tools are intended both for professional processing and for use in everyday life.

When cleaning a surface lined with natural stone at home, you should not use ordinary soap solutions, you should use specially designed detergents and cleaners for stone surfaces. For example, care for marble requires considerable attention, since it is a whimsical material in terms of contact with an aggressive environment - fat, oil, coffee, wine, fruit juices, lemon, cosmetics, etc. Therefore, in addition to special shampoos and polishes, care for marble may include additional measures, such as wax protection. When used correctly, wax protection will not only fulfill its functions of preventing the effects of negative factors, but even improve the appearance of the stone.

“KoSto Group” offers a range of natural stone care services:

  • Deep cleaning of the stone surface;/li>
  • Protection of surfaces from external aggressive influences;
  • Grinding of natural stone;
  • Crystallization of marble;
  • Polishing marble and other stones