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About us

"KoSto Group"

KoSto Group is a leading natural stone restoration services company with 10 years of experience. We specialize in the cleaning, preservation, restoration and polishing of marble, granite, travertine, limestone, concrete and other surfaces of natural stone. We carry out all types of work on horizontal and vertical, as well as embossed stone surfaces: floor coverings, countertops, windowsills, stairs, walls, columns, sculptures, etc.


We know everything about natural stone! We understand and appreciate its features, which is why our company "KoSto Group" is efficiently approaching the fulfillment of the tasks set for the care and restoration of marble and granite.

  • grinding, crystallizing and polishing marble floors, window sills, countertops, stairs, etc.
  • grinding, crystallization and polishing of marble walls, columns, as well as embossed stone surfaces
  • grinding and polishing vertical and horizontal granite surfaces
  • grinding and polishing travertine, as well as filling pores
  • grinding and polishing concrete floors;


  • restoration of stone surfaces
  • replacement of tile joints
  • change of the stone surface type (thermo, polishing, antique)
  • restoration of building facades
  • production, installation and supply of natural stone products