Recently, «old-fashioned» design is getting more and more interest with the designers, that’s why the so called «antique effect» also known as «ageing» or «patination» is highly demanded.

To create a look of time-worn natural stone, it can be treated with acid etching compounds that unevenly corrode the surface layer. As a result, the texture of the stone gets particulalry evident. But more often machining is used, mainly with abrasive brushes. With their help, soft and weak structural elements are scraped from the surface of the stone, while a certain relief appears, color appears and the edges of cracks are smoothed out.

At the request of the customer, the surface can be glazed, bouched or practically polished, coated with a matte or shiny impregnation.

The aging process of natural stone is time-consuming and depends on the type of stone (marble, granite, travertine, slate, etc.), on the hardness of its breed. Our team consists of professionals who know certain subtleties in work and have many years of experience.